Almost all the Android phones have an ability to get your current location. A lot of apps use this feature to give a better user experience. For e.g. navigation apps like Google maps use your location information to help you navigate from one location to another. Dating apps use this feature to find other users near you. As an android developer it is important to know how to access user location so that it could be used to give them a better experience or integrate with your service.


I believe that mapping technology along with gps has revolutionised travel. Google maps provide you with navigation, mapping, live traffic etc. As a developer you can leverage these services google provides in your own application. Google provides services for geocoding (converting location into an address) maps, navigation etc. to developers as well.

You can embed Google maps in your app or integrate with other services as you need. For example in a taxi app like Uber you can show where the driver currently located on a map with the help of these services.

2 Curated Resources

Set of training guides will help you understand getting location updates from the user, different strategies used, getting an address from a location etc.

Set of training materials help you understand how you can use google’s mapping services in your app.