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There are a lot of tips for beginners in Android development. Not all of them will be applicable for you. Honestly it takes practice and trying out a lot of different things to see what works for you and what does not. Here is a good article with a list of some great tips and tricks.

Best Practices

As a developer/designer, there are some of the best practices and guidelines that you can follow to make your app look good, or make it faster. Again, it depends upon you what to follow and what not.

Material design is a set of design guidelines created by Google which include everything from key lines, metrics, fonts, colors such that the user experience becomes attractive and intuitive. There’s a good YouTube Playlist for Android Development patterns where devs talk about common design and development patterns.


Let’s say that you are trying to implement something for your app. Chances are, that a set of functionalities that you are thinking of developing yourself has already been developed by someone else and is kind enough to share their code for free. This is the true power of open source. Here is a good list of open source libraries for android developers.


There are a lot of good and experienced android developers on online communities. They can help you out if you are stuck or need help with anything. Reddit is always a great place to start.

9 Curated Resources

This article lists out some tips and tricks while using Android studio

This article lists out some tips and tricks for beginners

free, Resource & Tool Center

Comprehensive guide for material design guidelines that also has some fancy tools for creating and testing material design elements.

Android Development Patterns

free, YouTube Playlist

YouTube playlist which contains videos made by android developers from Google. These videos talk about common design and development patterns in android apps and what the android SDK offers for them

List of common and useful Android libraries

r/AndroidDev Subreddit

free, Subreddit

The reddit group for android developers. It’s a pretty active community and you get a lot of information through articles, links to resources etc. They have a weekly questions thread where you can ask development related questions.

Android Weekly

free, Newsletter

A weekly issue of all the new Android resources scattered about the internet. You can sign up with your email to get the newsletter, or just check the website each week for a new edition.

Android developer community on Google +. I came across really nice articles by developers here

AndroidChat Slack

free, Communication Tool

Active slack group with friendly experienced Android Developers