One of Unity’s greatest features is its Asset Store – a marketplace where developers can submit their assets and put them up for sale. All packages are verified by unity to make sure they’re legit, and the platform is run by Unity themselves.

There are so many possibilities – from node-based Material Editors to 3D Model Generators to Low Poly Water shaders.

Not everything is paid though, there are some great free assets in the store as well!

If you want, you can also become a publisher and submit your own assets. Unity gives you 70% of your sales every month. It’s a good source of revenue if you know your way around the engine!

In the resources for this section i’ll be including some of the best free assets from the store.

9 Curated Resources

Post Processing Stack

free, Unity Asset

A Post Processing package that allows you to easily implement visually stunning features such as Bloom, Color Correcting and Vignette. It’s very easy to use and customizable, and it’s being developed by Unity. A must have for all games.

TextMesh Pro

free, Unity Asset

An asset that allows you to create crisp and beautiful text compared to Unity’s built-in one. This asset was bought by Unity and is being developed by them.

Low Poly: Free Pack

free, Unity Asset

A simple Low Poly pack that contains some ready-to-use models.

Yughues Free Ground Materials

free, Unity Asset

A pack of diverse ground materials.

ProBuilder Basic

free, Unity Asset

The free version of a much more complex asset, that allows you to model 3D environments inside Unity’s editor without needing external tools.

A small Low Poly Water package that manages to be visually stunning given its overall simplicity.

Unity Anima2D

free, Unity Asset

A 2D Skeletal Animation plugin that was bought and is currently being maintained by Unity. It is a solid choice compared to other options in the store.

A Reddit thread of best free unity assets in the /r/unity3d subreddit.

Simple beautiful niche site that made a very organized curated list of some of the best assets on the Unity3d Asset Store. Definitely a blog worth following all around!