Installing and Using Unity

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You can download Unity here.

It is recommended to have at least 15GB of free space in your hard drive, since Unity quickly takes up a lot of room in your HDD.

Unity comes with an IDE (code editor) that works out of the box called MonoBehaviour. If you’re not expecting to do a lot of programming work, it works fine, but if you’re coding most of the time you’ll soon want a better work environment.

If your computer does not have a lot of RAM or processing power, i recommend that you check out Visual Studio Community. It is an open source IDE developed that comes with everything you’ll need. It’s a simpler version of Visual Studio, and runs fine on lower end machines.

If you’re using a powerful machine, i advise you to check out Visual Studio Community. It’s a much more powerful version of VS Code, and it’s what lots of people use. It requires a lot of HDD space (~10GB), so make sure you have enough.

Take a look at it here.(Scroll down, it’s in the bottom of the page).

To get to know Unity’s interface and how its editor functions, take a look at the resources for this section.

4 Curated Resources

Official documentation from Unity explaining how to install Unity with and without the download assistant.

Get familiar using the Unity interface with some official documentation (with pictures that explain each part).

Visual Studio Code

free, Text Editor

A lightweight opensource IDE produced by Microsoft.

Visual Studio Community

, Integrated Development Environment

A more powerful and heavier version of VS Code.