Alright, so you have the world’s most lit game. What do you do now? You release it of course! Video games are an artform, and even if some people don’t believe that to be true, you should want others to play your games!

There are many places where you can release your projects. Some of them are more complicated to get onto that others (Steam versus, but once you release your game, people you have never met before will be able to play it and give you valuable feedback.

The resources here will include places where you can release your game and also articles about how to get people to play them.

5 Curated Resources

free, Distribution Platform

Essentially an equivalent to Steam for new indie games. You can make a page for your game with a description, images, and a download. Very cool way to find some interesting new creative games (and show off yours hopefully).


free, Distribution Platform

Submit your game for a chance to get it on the game page of GOG. GOG is another website full of great games, but a bit more difficult to get on than


, Distribution Platform

One of the biggest gaming platforms for PC, Mac and Linux.

This article links to dozens of places to learn more about marketing your game and who to reach out to.

A long talk by Emmy Jonassen, who discusses how to best market an indie game on a very low budget.