There are none! This is a start-from-scratch beginner syllabus. If you are more experienced, feel free to skip sections and get resources specifically for what you need.

Although there is no prerequisites, there’s one thing you should know: be prepared for a lot of small failures along the way. It’s just like learning anything new, except sometimes you don’t know where to go to get the answer. The resources in the syllabus will be your friend, so will Google, and especially StackOverflow – a question and answer website for all types of Computer Science studies.

Dont be afraid of failure, it can be common to be stuck on a single problem for days. While that can make you angry or annoyed, that’s exactly how you learn.

Be patient, this isn’t an overnight syllabus. It may take you 3 months, it may take you a year. You got this!

No Resources

Check the other sections in this syllabus to find more resources!