Welcome to the Monero syllabus! Monero starts with many of the same principles of Bitcoin and takes privacy and decentralization further. However, unlike many projects, Monero is not based on Bitcoin’s code. It was instead forked from CryptoNote, which was created in early 2014.

Monero is one of the largest open-source projects in the world, with over 12,500 commits by over 300 contributors at the time of writing.

As the internet becomes more cloud-based, we find our data often ending up in the hands of others. For example, your search history being used to help companies sell you targeted products.

Luckily, we have companies like DuckDuckGo that help you take back your privacy. Monero does the same, because Bitcoin and other protocols pose a similar threat to privacy: what if your family, friends and government could trace all of your transactions? Monero aims to solve this problem by creating a protocol based specifically, on privacy and security.

Here is a high-level overview infographic of Monero. The remainder of this syllabus will go more in-depth on these components, help you purchase Moneroj, and give speculation on the future of Monero.

5 Curated Resources

Annotated CryptoNote White Paper

free, Official Documentation

Every cryptocurrency has a detailed document explaining what it is and how it works, usually in full technical detail. This is the original CryptoNote white paper that has been annotated by the Monero Research Lab.


free, Official Documentation

Think of it as your technical terminology guide if you have trouble understanding certain keywords used by Monero enthusiasts. Each term gives you both basic, and in-depth information.

Monero Observer

free, Publication

A weekly recap for all things Monero. You can subscribe with your email address, or view an archive of recaps on the website.


free, Website

A website with many tools and introductory materials. Includes a series of tutorials, calculators and price.

Monero: The Essentials

free, YouTube Video

If you are briefly stopping through this syllabus and to quickly learn Monero, this essentials video will cover all the basics. It also goes into blockchain technology and how Monero uses it.