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Monero is a decentralized, open-source project led by the Monero Core Team. It is self-organized into several unofficial, volunteer workgroups. There are no requirements to make one, and few have requirements to join.

Most Monero contributors work pro-bono. However, for those who do need funding for their work, people can use the Forum Funding System (FFS). In a GoFundMe-like fashion, people can pitch ideas, ask for donations, and receive payment when set milestones are reached. At the time of writing, over 38,977 XMR has been crowdfunded since the start of this initiative, totalling $17.7 million in current prices.

4 Curated Resources

Monero Community Workgroup

free, Subreddit

A group that seeks to promote activism to educate, promote, and otherwise spread awareness of Monero. They have biweekly meetings and monthly livestreamed coffee chats.

Monero Research Lab

free, Research List

A collective of researchers that test the robustness of Monero’s code and suggest improvements. From their recommendations, Monero has implemented a minimum ringsize, RingCT, and multisig.

Monero Localization Workgroup

free, Project Management Platform

A group that seeks to make Monero accessible to people throughout the world. They organize efforts to translate important material into many different languages.

Monero Hardware Wallet Workgroup

free, Project Management Platform

A group that seeks to create a completely open hardware wallet for Monero.