This is a beginner-friendly syllabus. If you would like to understand how Cryptocurrencies work in general, it would be in your best interest to learn how Blockchains work and what a decentralized network is.

Due to the abundance of Stellar documentation, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry! Our information and resources will help you stay safe and secure if you choose to invest or develop with it.


Despite what you know about Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, that does not mean you should skim through Stellar’s documentation. If you actually take the time to slowly read through it, you’ll have fewer questions at the end of this syllabus, and get a lot more out of it.

If you’re considering developing blockchain-based applications, you may want to study cryptography, too. We have courses in the resources component of this section.

2 Curated Resources

Blockchain Demo 2.0

free, Web App Tutorial

A web application that walks you through the steps of using an actual blockchain. A popup will appear on page load, click on the “next” button to walk through the tutorial.

Some universities put courses online for free. This is a 7-week course that includes quizzes and a final exam.