What is your diet?

It’s Faileo. It’s kind of like paleo except I fail most of the time and I let myself fail.


I’m pretty bad at sit down on my butt and close my eyes meditation. I’m also pretty bad at yoga I’m trying to get better at both but I do like to be very meditative and what that means is when I’m alone by myself or I’m walking in nature then I’m generally going to try and be very present and watch my thoughts.

Vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

I used to be vegetarian for the first 30 years of my life. Then I started eating meat for health reasons. I would prefer to be vegetarian, it’s a moral dilemma for me and it’s something that’s difficult to reconcile.

We’re built as omnivores, we have canines for teeth, we have single chamber stomachs like wolves… so obviously we’re designed to eat meat and if you try to live in a purely vegan diet it’s very hard to get all the nutrition that you know that you need.

A lot of people fail and slide backward, and in modern society trying to be a vegetarian often means you eat too many carbs… but I’d love to be able to just not eat meat because it’s killing things and inflicting suffering and there’s basically a cow and chicken Holocaust going on.

Yeah I know, there are always people who say there are healthy vegans and vegetarians, I know they exist. I know a couple of them. My trainer is vegan, but that said, it’s a lot more difficult… it’s not easy.

I would encourage you that when you face questions like vegetarian or vegan or meat eater don’t respond with your identity. In other words, if you’re vegan don’t rush to defend veganism at all costs… it’s better if you acknowledge the shortcomings of what you’re doing as well as the advantages so that you can make proper decisions. If you feel the need to respond with your identity… if you feel an emotional reaction coming up… then that means that you’re just defending yourself and you’re not really exploring the topic and those are my least favorite conversations.


It’s healthy, it’s good for you, I’ve tried it, I want to do it more, I’m not very good at it. I’m not the fasting expert.

Thoughts on legalizing weed and drugs?

Drugs should be legal, it’s insane what this country does about drugs.

Do you practice jiu-jitsu?

I actually did do a fair amount of martial arts back in the day these days I work out daily.

Exercise routine?

I do the happy body, it works pretty well for me. It’s easy to do I roll out of bed, I’ve got my weights nearby I can do it from the comfort of my house without having to go outside or go to a gym.

Modern meditation

Anything done with sufficient focus and you know lack of self, lack of talking to yourself… I think it’s meditative so you can turn anything into a meditation… you can turn music into a meditation, massage can be a meditation, chopping wood can be a meditation.

Do you take any supplements?

I don’t take any supplements. I just think that we don’t know enough about the human body and we’re trying to hack too much.

Do you listen to podcasts while exercising?

Sometimes I do podcasts, sometimes I’m just trying to focus and be meditative just depends on the mood… I just do whatever is easiest. I don’t think life is that hard I think we make it hard.

One of the things I’m trying to get rid of is the word “should”… whenever the word should creep up in your mind that’s guilt or social programming and so just doing something because you should do it basically means that you don’t actually want to do it. It’s just making you miserable so I’m trying to eliminate as many shoulds from my life as possible.

How many hours of sleep do you get?

Not enough probably five hours a night, six hours a night, but I don’t wake up to an alarm clock.

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