You know Telegram is a really a tough one. I do not have the technical capability to vet it. I would just say that it seems incredibly ambitious, it’s really high priced and I’ve never loved telegram the product because even though they talk about encryption their crypto code is closed source.

It’s not open source which is really how crypto code should be. Especially when people’s lives are depending on it. And their group chats are unencrypted, at least on their server side, so I’m not a big fan of that one.

Obviously, they have 180 million users which is hard to argue with. And they’ve had sort of a crack engineering team that’s executed on telegram the product but you know I think I’m torn on that one.

Besides blockchain, what tech are you most interested in right now?

Probably VR/AR from a promising perspective, I think anyone who’s a geek loves the idea of living in virtual reality. We’ve probably all seen the matrix and you know VR is kind of in that uncanny valley where things are realistic enough that you can see the promise but they’re still unrealistic enough that you get queasy and weirded out by it because we can’t yet move around physically in the environments. The frame rate isn’t high enough.

Have you tried Magic Leap?

No, I haven’t tried magic leap I’ve heard amazing things and am really excited about it. I’m glad somebody’s working on it. I’m a little skeptical of the approach they’re taking in that it’s one company trying to do everything and historically that’s not how things work. Historically it takes an industry to create something of that scale but god bless them if they can contribute some fundamental original technology.

Thoughts on living in a simulation?

It’s kind of a nonsense question. I think it’s so indistinguishable from the real thing and it wouldn’t change anything about your life.

Do you want to go to Mars?

No. Somebody has to go to Mars first. It sounds like a difficult place to navigate. I’ll let Elon handle that.

Which tech firms do you see as impediments to a better internet?

Honestly, I think it’s kind of sad that all of our communication media are trapped in this social media network effect, in a very small number of companies like Facebook and Twitter and SnapChat and so on… and YouTube. I’d love to see media be much more open because it’s everyone’s birthright. It’s not good to have a few companies that control it all.

Do you think Tesla and Elon will achieve their goals?

Tesla is incredibly ambitious. Even if [Elon] achieves one-tenth of his goals he’ll have done more to change the world than almost anyone I know.

Will decentralized Twitter take down Twitter?

That’s a good big question, I don’t think so because there is a strong Network effect at Twitter. That said, if Twitter stumbles and if this grew up and there’s an open source decentralized Twitter waiting in the wings that would be I think a really good outcome for everybody.

Do you think Facebook will continue to dominate social media?

There’s always new media. There always going to be something new. It’s very rare that like the previous tech giant incumbent takes on the current… like I know right now people think that Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon are unbeatable. I’ve been around long enough to know that’s just not true. I know a decade from now we’ll be complaining about a different set of monopolies that look untoppleable.

Favorite Black Mirror episode?

I haven’t seen them all. I’ve only seen very few of them. I generally prefer to read rather than watch so I read a lot of short stories and sci-fi.

I would give everybody here a recommendation: my current favorite short story, sci-fi short stories, probably Understand by Ted Chiang it’s in a collection called The Story of Your Life and Others. The story of your life was made into that movie called Arrival.

The only TV shows I watch are Rick and Morty and a little bit of Black Mirror/ Game of Thrones just with family, wife, and some Sherlock when I’m on airplanes.

Thoughts on Westworld?

I tried watching Westworld, well I didn’t get into it, it’s too much human story and drama. I’m more analytical.

Please do your own podcast

My own podcast, I thought about it but no it felt awkward and weird. I actually even bought the podcasting gear and I was trying to figure out what it would run like, and then I was just putting it off and then I basically just decided hey I’ll just do a periscope instead and see how that goes so this may be it.

Can I connect on LinkedIn?

No. I don’t even use Linkedin there’s too much spam on there.

Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Trek for sure. Star Trek is for thinking people, Star Wars is for feeling people

Reddit or Twitter?

Twitter definitely

Favorite podcast?

I only listen to Tim Ferriss’ podcast really I’m not a big podcaster, I read a lot faster than I can watch or listen

Would you go on the Joe Rogan podcast?

I think I’ve watched one or two of [the Joe Rogan podcast], I like them.

What is your Twitter profile picture?

Oh, I just wanted to be identity-less. I didn’t want to have a strong identity in my Twitter photo. I also wanted to be very recognizable.

Is Twitter a force for good or evil?

It’s technology and technology can always be used for both but overall technology is what separates us from the animals. It’s what made us the winning species so overall I think all technology with very few exceptions is more good than bad. It’s just knowledge.

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The collection of short stories including “Understand”, by Ted Chiang

Joe Rogan Podcast

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Podcast by the creator of the hit book, “The Four Hour Work Week”.