In order to do well in Organic Chemistry (and, at most schools, in order to be allowed to take it), you will need to take General Chemistry (depending on your school, probably General Chemistry 1 and 2). You’ll also need an in-depth understanding of the basic principles, since everything in Organic Chemistry builds off of basic General Chemistry concepts (See Section: ‘The Basics’).

2 Curated Resources

Khan Academy - Chemistry

free, Video Series

Khan Academy has a good amount of content pertaining to General Chemistry, so if you feel like you are weak in a certain area of Chemistry, it’d definitely be worth checking out.

Crash Course Chemistry

free, Video Series

Here’s another good way to review principles from General Chemistry. Crash Course did an entire series on chemistry, and their videos are pretty entertaining and easy to follow. Again, you should go through and make sure you’re comfortable with most of the topics from Chemistry.