A build should always be balanced. If you spend most of your budget on a graphics card and wimp out on RAM and the CPU, you going to have a bottleneck and a bad time. Distribute your budget equally, not necessarily in monetary terms because good Ram costs $60 while good CPU costs $150, but in terms of quality.

Don’t overkill it if you don’t need to, save your money. When I was a YouTuber, and lived at home, I invested a lot because I had to record very intensive games, do video editing, etc… I bought the biggest case because I never thought it would be moved from my room. Two years later I went to college and couldn’t bring it. No regrets though, I built a smaller budget build with a super small transportable case. Overall, anticipate your environment and the type of work you’re going to do for the next few years. Luckily you can always upgrade specific parts.

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