Installing Windows

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Windows actually makes it really easy to install on a new PC. All you need is a copy of Windows on a DVD or a USB. You want to go to your BIOS settings to make sure it boots from the USB or DVD, and windows will do the rest.

Every motherboard brand has a different BIOS. A BIOS is simply like a control panel for a motherboard. It can be tricky to navigate sometimes, but all the name-brand motherboards have good tutorials. You only have to change one thing to make sure it boots from a USB or DVD.

There’s a couple of tutorials on the resources page which show you how to download Windows 10, even without a key (never tried it personally). Microsoft also has a simple tool that will help you make a bootable USB.

4 Curated Resources

Windows 10 Download Tool

free, Download Tool

Official tool from Microsoft to help you walk you through your download. If you’re on a Mac, this tool is not available, but you can still download Windows 10 (an ISO file) from the page they’ll redirect you to.

A full tutorial on installing Windows 10 without having a key (you can always decide to purchase the key once Windows is installed). Microsoft allows it for now, can’t say that it’ll always be this way.

As I said in the tutorial – everyone motherboard’s BIOS looks a little a different, but the structure and options are usually about the same. This video tutorial walks you through installing Windows 10 with a USB.

If you have a disk drive on your PC, choose to buy a physical copy of Windows 10, this shows you how to install it. You could also burn your own CD, but at that point you may as well use a USB.