Putting it Together

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There may be a slight learning curve to this, but really all you’re doing is connecting the blocks. It’s hard to really break anything honestly. I remember pressing the power button on my built PC for the first time… and it didn’t turn on. Turns out the main powersupply plug wasn’t plugged into the motherboard all the way.

Since every build is slightly different, you may not find an exact tutorial for your build. Don’t let this be intimidating, I promise you it’s pretty simple to connect everything. Check out the resources though and get a feel for people putting together builds.

If you want something even more specific to you… search YouTube or Google “Building a PC with [insert_your_motherboard_name]. If you can’t find one for yours, like I said it’s easy to figure out from other build videos.

When installing your CPU and CPU Fan, I’d definitely YouTube Search specific videos for their installation. Luckily – there’s not many types of CPUs, so it should be super easy.

4 Curated Resources

How to Build a PC! Step-by-step

free, YouTube Video

Great YouTuber who is incredible at explaining things. It’s a long watch but you can always skip around.

BuildaPC Subreddit

free, Subreddit

I posted this as a resource in an earlier section – but seriously, if you have any questions during the build process ask them here.

Another equivalent video of a walkthrough putting together a computer. Watch as many as you need to.

How To: Cable Management

free, YouTube Video

If you want the best airflow possible, or you just want your PC to look as clean as possible, here’s some good tips on cable management. It can get busy pretty fast in your case, especially if it’s small.