The most popular websites are Amazon and Newegg. I’d recommend going through this whole syllabus before making any purchases though. So… what parts are you going to buy?

Intel vs AMD

You can never go wrong by starting with your processor. You have two main brands to chose from: Intel and AMD. Almost every really high-end build will go with an Intel. Basically if you find an almost equivalent processor between AMD and Intel, the AMD will almost always be slightly cheaper. So if you’re building on a low-mid end budget, you can’t go wrong with an AMD. For more details on the debate check out this article.

First of all before buying, make sure all your parts are compatible. The resources provide really help you understand compatibilty, some do it for you!

If you’re now questioning, “well there’s sooo much stuff, what do I get?” – always try to get as close to the latest generation of anything as your budget can afford. If something is totally brand new (within the last year), chances are it’s not a big deal if you don’t have/get it yet (new things are always stupid expensive).

4 Curated Resources


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This is one of the coolest PC Building websites. You can theoretically build your PC part by part, comparing the prices from different merchants, and then check to make sure it’s all compatible (make sure to cross-check with other people though!). They have a bunch of premade builds too you can look at if you’re unsure! Save the build you make and then share it with experts so you can get advice.

BuildaPC Subreddit

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Did you pick all your parts but want to confer with some experts? Post your build in this subreddit and get some helpful to give you feedback. If you have any general PC questions feel free to ask them here too.

Helps you understand how PC parts work together so you can make better purchasing decisions. His explanation and diagram are really helpful!


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Once you enter the #PCMasterRace, you’ll probably hear about Linus a lot. Really reputable guy with awesome videos for everything Computer Hardware and Tech.