You’ve decided to hire an artist, but how do you know which ones are professional, can commit to your vision, and create what your game needs?

Whether they’re a seasoned game designer or a student, most, if not all, game artists have an online presence in the form of a portfolio site and social media. Websites like Artstation, Behance, Gamasutra, CGSociety, and publications like ImagineFX are built to showcase new game artists. Additionally, artists widely use social media like Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter for showing off professional and development work.

Once you find an artist you’re happy with, contact them with your project’s details, an inquiry for a quote, and an inquiry for their availability. If you feel it’s warranted for the scope of your project, ask to see a resume.

When it comes to paying your artist, it’s up to you to voice and, if needed, negotiate the method of payment. Each artist has a varied methodology for taking payment: Some artists have a flat price per artwork, others charge an hourly rate; some artists take full or partial payment up front, and others prefer sending an invoice to be fulfilled upon job completion. You can help ensure a successful transaction by including a written contract for your artist to sign as well as looking at their professional track record.

Many artists accept transactions via online merchant systems such as Paypal or Stripe, however if you’re hiring someone as a long-term employee under a company, make sure to compile any proper paperwork as required by your company type or area’s statutes.

6 Curated Resources


free, Portfolios

A leading portfolio site for game industry-oriented artists. Contact information is readily available on each artist’s page.


free, Design Platform

A great tool for finding free fonts, graphics, and professional artist portfolios. For any free or sold material, make sure to double check the attached license.

Gamasutra Jobs

free, News and Job Postings

A leading portal for game development news and work, you can register to list a game development job.


free, Job Postings

A game and film industry-oriented site for posting and sharing chiefly 3D pipeline jobs.

TigSource Forums

free, Forum

A popular and leading game development forum filled with programmers, artists, developers, and projects for you to bounce ideas off of, hire from, and contribute to.


, Magazine

One of the leading magazines for current game industry art, news, and hiring.