You can obtain art for your game one of three ways: make it yourself, hire an artist, or find premade art assets on the web.

Pre-made assets are abundantly available on most current game engine marketplaces, individual artist stores, and places like Gumroad, Behance, Dribbble, and more. Many asset packages sit comfortably within indie budgets (some are even free!) and are also used in AAA development to allow artists to focus on more important objects instead of fleeting background items.

Though most asset packages are by default licensed for personal or commercial use, make sure to read the fine print in each package’s ToS and licensing statement.

5 Curated Resources

Unity Asset Store

free, Marketplace

The Unity Asset store is a huge, up-to-date marketplace of Unity Engine-oriented assets, with daily discounts featured prominently at the store’s landing page.

CRYENGINE Marketplace

free, Marketplace

Primarily features 3D models, plugins, scripts, and even tutorials designed for CRYENGINE.


free, Subreddit

A popular subreddit for posting and browsing game development jobs, usually indie or startup-oriented.


, Marketplace

A selling platform for creatives not limited to game development assets and software tools. Can be a great resource in discovering artists.


free, Design Platform

A great tool for finding free fonts, graphics, and professional artist portfolios. For any free material, make sure to double check the attached license.