Apple Developer Program

Once you finished your first app, you may want to distribute it to testers or to the world, right? For both you need to enroll to the Apple Developer Program, which will cost you 100$ a year. With a paid developer account, you can access all the latest beta software and can distribute to iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

Archiving your App

To create a distributable iOS application archive aka IPA, you need to setup your code signing properly and archive your product with Xcode. The archive will contain all of your code and resources (images, fonts etc.) in one bundle. You can find your previous archives as well as your new archive in the Organizer window, where you can upload, export or validate it.

Submitting Your App to the Store

If you’ve already set up your iTunes Pages with the corresponding app id, then you are read to upload. However, if you miss something, the uploader will let you know otherwise. You can find a complete tutorial in the resources.

5 Curated Resources

App Distribution Guide

free, Documentation

This guide contains everything you need to know to distribute an app through the App Store, Apple TV App Store, or Mac App Store.

Learn how to submit an app to Apple in this two-part series. This tutorial documents every step of becoming an Apple iOS developer – from literally no account, to published on the App Store!

This is one of those rare tutorials where you don’t have to code, just follow through the steps in this tutorial and you’ll be up and running with TestFlight in no time.

Now me and my customer we live in a real happiness.

If only you could run a single command that took all your screenshots, on all your supported devices, in every supported language automagically. If only there were a single command to upload those screenshots, generate your provisioning profiles and submit your app. Think of all the time you’d save!