So now that you’re a part of the developer community, you may as well take advantage of it!

  • Want a photo slider on your site but don’t have one?
  • Want to build a site that’s mobile ready?
  • Want anything?

Chances are, a lot of what you need have already been built. Let me give a few examples.

There’s a CSS framework called Bootstrap. All it is a series of classes that you can add into your HTML. It’s mostly known for it’s grid layout that works mostly on mobile. With most plugins and frameworks, you add their files and code to your project, and then you have access to them and can manipulate them.

There’s a jQuery plugin called Slick Slider. Obtain the code from their website, and add a few lines of jQuery, and boom, you’ll have a perfectly working slider.

Every framework and plugin may have a slightly different installation, so in the resources I’m going to list a few popular ones, and tutorials to install them. Remember, if you ever don’t know something Google it or ask for help on sites like StackOverflow.

Reading documentation is a skill that takes some time to develop, sounds a little silly doesn’t it? Really though! You’ll slowly get more comfortable using plugins and frameworks, and it will make you a better programmer.

Once you become more involved in the community, you should be set to go off on your own for the rest of your Front-End Web Development journey. Sigh! They grow up so fast. Best of luck!

6 Curated Resources


free, Framework

Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS, and Javascript framework that makes building a mobile-ready responsive website super easily. Just download the files, link them in your HTML header, and get access to a bunch of code snippets documented on Bootstrap’s website.

TeamTreeHouse - Framework Basics

, Interactive Course

Teaches you two of the most common frameworks: Bootstrap and Foundation. You’ll always get exceptional quality lessons with a TeamTreeHouse subscription but remember it is paid (free trail if you want to test it out). If your wallet can’t handle, there’s other free resources for learning Bootstrap alone.

Learn Bootstrap in One Video

free, YouTube Video

Learn all the essentials in one sitting (about an hour video). The instructor is really good too!

Materialize CSS

free, Framework

This is an alternative to bootstrap based on Material Design by Google. You’re really at the point where everything is up to your needs a preferences. Check it out and see if you like it!


free, Plugin

“The last carousel you’ll ever need” – if you want to display pictures nicely on your website, this is a very clean and easy way to do it.


free, Plugin

If you don’t know what a parallax is – scroll down on this resource and you’ll see it. It’s where a background essentially moves at a different speed than the foreground. This plugin makes it easy to integrate parallaxes into your project. They can be a pain sometimes though! Maybe it’s just me…