You’ve probably realized there is an incredible community of developers. The amount you can learn and share is truly astounding, and it’s time you become a part of it.

Most likely, you’ve ended up on Github at some point, and if not, that’s okay. Check out their video “What is GitHub” for a great explanation.

Github uses Git, which is a version control system. All that means is it keeps track of all the changes you make to your code. This allows you later to go back to certain versions. More importantly, it’s great for collaboration on your own project, so two people can work on the same project at once, and still stay organized.

So Github is just a hub to host and view your own projects, and other projects that use Git (a lot do). Thus, you can use Github as your own code management, and also a resource center, kind of like this website!

To use Github and Git, you’re going to learn a lot about interacting with the terminal. It’ll be great experience, and knowledge of Git looks great on a resume!

3 Curated Resources

What is Github?

free, YouTube Video

An official Github video explaining exactly what it is – using a farming analogy. Explains exactly how it works, which should hopefully make learning it a little faster.

Hello World Project

free, Tutorial

Learn the Github essentials doing a quick example project “Hello World”. This tutorial is made by Github.

Git and Github Learning Resources

free, Resource Page

INCEPTION – a resource page inside a resource page. It looks like Github already has us covered with a list of learning materials. *Raises white flag in defeat*