You’ve been following tutorials for a few weeks, and you find yourself now rereading a lot of information you already know. This is the sign that you’re ready to step back from basic tutorials!

So… now what? You have a few options. Choose what YOU want! Don’t be scared, you’re not going off the path into uncharted territory. I’ve mapped it out so all routes will lead you to similar places.

  1. Think of something to make, and make it! You started learning to programme, for this reason, didn’t you?
  2. Click on the resources tab to find a ton of practice material.
  3. Learn more advanced CSS. This is relatively new and replacing a lot of what Javascript used to do. There are some really cool animations you can make!
  4. Head on over to the Javascript section to make your webpage even more alive. Remember though, this is a completely new language, and the first “real” programming language you’re going to learn. I’ll explain why in the Javascript section.
  5. You’ve learned everything you need to put a simple webpage on the internet. Want to do it now? Skip a few sections and go to making a webpage go live.

7 Curated Resources

Learn Layout

free, Tutorial

This is a short tutorial covering everything CSS layout. Knowing all these fundamentals is going to make the rest of your Web Development journey a lot easier. Layout is often the most confusing part of CSS, and no resource explains it better than this one.

W3Schools Exercises

free, Exercises

W3Schools put together an incredible list of fun exercises for you to try. This is by far the best way to learn. Each exercise comes with the solution, so if you get stuck you can take a peek, but try not to!

How do you avoid writing hundreds of lines of messy CSS? Having CSS be reusable and modular is a pretty new idea, but it’s slowly going to become more important . Form good habits of writing CSS now as a beginner. This is a long lecture, but once you watch it you’ll never want to code in a non-modular way again.


free, Design Inspiration

Now that you know how to code, you may want to check out some of the current design trends. See if you can recreate any pieces you like. Keep in mind a lot of these websites probably use Javascript.

It’s better to know the best practices early so you can form good habits. You always want your code to be as clean as possible!

If you still feel a little uncomfortable going out on your own – this course walks you through 23 projects! It eventually goes into Javascript, jQuery, and CSS Animation – which as you probably saw are the upcoming topics of this syllabus, so not a bad investment.

Codecademy Web Projects

free, Interactive Course

Some of these projects include a little Javascript and jQuery, but it could be a nice introduction into it.