Welcome to the Ethereum syllabus! Chances are, you’re now diving a bit deeper into the cryptocurrency world (beyond Bitcoin). Well, there is a ton more to learn, especially when it comes to Ethereum, because it is very powerful and there’s a lot it can do.

By now, most people know Ethereum as the second most valuable cryptocurrency (depending on the time of reading), currently valued at over 70 billion dollars. Well, it turns out that Ethereum isn’t actually a cryptocurrency – it’s a software platform that let’s programmers build applications on top of blockchain technology. Within the Ethereum platform, is a cryptocurrency called Ether that is used to power applications built on the Ethereum blockchain.

4 Curated Resources

Official White Paper

free, Documentation

Every cryptocurrency has what is called a White Paper. That is essentially an official document by the creators to explain exactly what the cryptocurrency is and how it works. For first source information, always read the whitepaper first.

Ethereum in 25 Minutes

free, YouTube Video

Might be more approachable than the White Paper. It’s a short talk given by the creator of Ethereum if you prefer watching videos and listening to audio.

Ethereum Subreddit

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Reddit has been kind of a strange place for cryptocurrencys. While both the Bitcoin and Ethereum subreddits have tons of memes and shitposts, you can still find some decent information and better get involved in the community and updates. Feel free to ask any questions you have there.

Week in Ethereum News

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A weekly newsletter to keep you updated on Ethereum. With a market so volatile, it’s always best to stay up to date, and this is definitely one of the best newsletters.