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Stellar has been praised for it’s clean and organized documentation. Perhaps that is influenced by Stripe, a company known for easy-to-use APIs, who has team members invested in Stellar.

What Has Been Done?

Perhaps you are a developer but do not necessarily want to get coding immediately. You can check out the Use Cases on their website.

Learn Stellar Development

Since this is a syllabus, we do not want to repeat the documentation and guides provided by Stellar. We recommend you first read the Get Started Guide available. Once you go through all aspects of that, you can check out some third-party resources we provide in this section.

In order to help you learn without using actual Lumens, Stellar sets up an entire test network, so you can play around with their documentation and use test Lumens.

Their organization on Github also has a lot of content. You can browse through their repositories, and almost all of them provide great documentation.

Involvement Opportunities

As a way to distribute Lumens, Stellar runs Build Challenges. For example, they gave out 5.7 million Lumens in the 5th Build Challenge. Check out some of the cool applications made! We are not sure how long these challenges will last, but for now they are posted every few months. It’s a great incentive for developers to learn how to build applications using Stellar.

Along with the build challenges, Stellar offers a grant partnership program. If you are an organization looking to build on the Stellar Network, you could receive Lumens for your project.

10 Curated Resources

Stellar Developers

free, Official Documentation

The homepage for Stellar development on their website. They provide Guides, SDKs, and Software. Best to start with the “Get Started” Guide. If you are serious about Development, you’re going to want to read through almost all aspects of this section of the website (besides individual SDKs)

As an intermediate-level developer, I found it very difficult for the actual technical aspects of the Stellar Consensus Protocol to click in my head. If you have a technical background and you’re looking to completely understand how the protocol works, this is the video for you.

See some examples of cool creations built using the Stellar Platform, in the 5th Build Challenge, where the Stellar organization gives away Lumens for top applications built in a competition.

The Stellar Build Challenge

free, Official Documentation

Interested in participating in a build challenge? Go to this page of their official website for the latest news and updates on upcoming challenges.

Stellar Core Documentation

free, Official Documentation

The Github readme for stellar-core. It quickly covers all the components of the system, which each have their own readme’s as well. From here, you can go to Stellar’s organization on Github, and view all their other repositories!

If you choose to run a validator node, here are some good tips by a member in the Stellar community.

Stellar Expert Explorer

free, Live Transaction Explorer

This can be used to search through the public ledger, view the latest transactions and offers, and see the top assets on the ledger.

A highlight by a forum user of some good projects that were built on top of Stellar.

free, Blockchain viewer

A way to view live transactions in the network, you can also search for transactions too via the ID.

Stellar Partnership Grant Challenge

free, Official Documentation

Official information from the Stellar website. They give grants in the form Lumens. They provide a few different opportunities for organization, all of them listed on this page.