Getting Involved in the Stellar Community

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One of the best ways to support Stellar is to be active in the community. As Stellar grows, we see hundreds of people flock to it’s subreddit, forums, and social media daily.

Now that you’re more educated about Stellar, it’s up to you to pass on your knowledge to new members joining the community. It’s important that we maintain our maturity and professionalism (and a few memes).

5 Curated Resources

Stellar Subreddit

free, Subreddit

A well moderated subreddit with links to all major Stellar news, opinions, and resources.


free, Forum

An open forum for discussing anything related to Stellar. Includes, tutorials, trading, support and more. It is one of the most used forums right now.


free, Live Chat

A community Telegram group discussing all things Stellar and cryptocurrency related.


free, Forum

A popular forum commonly used for discussing Stellar. It’s very interactive and you can earn “badges” depending on your activity.

A list of all the twitter accounts of people and organizations involved with Stellar