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Along with the hundreds of smaller developers working on building applications on top of the Stellar Platform, Stellar has a series of strategic partnerships.


Founded in 1911, IBM is a public-listed American multinational technology company headquartered in Armonk, New York, United States, with operations in over 170 countries. Now valued at $151Billion in Market Cap, IBM chose Stellar to be their strategic partner in developing blockchain technology for their internal payment processor and also for their big-bank client. IBM also has been added to the validator list of Stellar Network.


Nano Payments for Web Content. They picked Stellar Lumens as the underlying cryptocurrency ledger for their nano payment system as a solution for Bitcoin scalability and delayed transactions issues.


Fintech Startup that is currently valued at $9 billion. Stripe is enabling online merchants, be it individual or small medium business to process credit payments instantly. They are an early backer of Stellar, making a strategic investment worth $3 million to help Stellar launch.


A Polynesian payments system for low value electronic foreign exchange transactions using an interbank smart market retail system. It provides low cost electronic foreign exchange clearing services to clients in the Pacific Islands avoiding the usual foreign transfer fees and spreads by matching up individuals sending payments to and from the islands. KlickEx is the part of IBM-Stellar Partnership, and they will try to leverage Stellar Network to provide an even better services for their client.

Tempo Money Transfer 

Founded in 2008 and based in France, Tempo is next generation Blockchain P2P Money Transfer and FX company focused on the non-english speaking world. They help migrant workers send money to their hometown more easily, and a lot cheaper compared to the existing remittance services. Tempo also has been selected to join Tokyo Government Blockchain Accelerator, aiming to enable fully functioning blockchain application in Japan Financial System. Like KlickEx, Tempo is looking to partner with Stellar in order to leverage Stellar prominent Network, that can settle any transaction worldwide within 5 seconds or less.

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