After listening to Naval’s Periscope chat we thought it was too good to be forgotten. For those who prefer to watch the original recording, you can find it here on Periscope. It’s extremely insightful, and Naval’s voice makes it very relaxing to listen to.

We’ve taken all the questions asked (A LOT), and clustered them into the sections: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, Mindfulness, Tech, Life, Health & Exercise, and Miscellaneous. Each of the sections will have the resources mentioned by Naval at the bottom.

We transcribed the recording, so it reads like a speech. We did our best to make it an enjoyable reading for you while maintaining everything that was originally said.

For those who may not know Naval, he is the CEO and co-founder of AngelList. He’s also invested in more than 100 companies, including Uber, Twitter, Yammer, and many others.

While you’re here, feel free to check out our other learning tracks: Stellar (Naval is on the advisory board), Monero, Ethereum, Intro to Marketing, Web Development, and Hindi. There’s more listed on the homepage.

Begin! (Naval’s voice from now on)

Hey everybody just giving a periscope a shot. I never really tried it out before, I watched a few people do it. I’m curious what this new medium is all about. I’m trying to see if it’s a an effective way to find interesting people on the internet and talk to them. Twitter has been good to me so far I can’t complain. So I’m just trying to figure out what one normally does on these periscope…

2 Curated Resources

Naval's original Periscope Q&A

free, Live Video Broadcasting

Naval hosted a Q&A session on Periscope, a live broadcasting app. The session lasted about an hour.


free, Social Media

Keep up to date with Naval on Twitter. Maybe we’ll even see some more Periscope sessions.