Sometimes the best way to practice is to take your head out of the books and start talking (or texting). It sounds like it may be impossible if you have no Hindi speakers around you, but there’s actually a lot of resources to talk to Hindi speakers (click the resources button below)!

It can always feel scary practicing pronunciation with people – but it’s okay! Everyone knows that you’re learning. You can laugh at yourself too when you’re totally off on the pronunciation of a word. It’s a very important part of language learning that a lot of people don’t think about – so get listening and get talking!

Also, if you do plan on going to a Hindi speaking country, it’s going to be important that you know some conversational phrases and slang.

3 Curated Resources


free, iPhone and Android App

This app on iPhone and Android is absolutely incredible. You make conversation with Hindi speakers learning English, and you both help each other learn. You can talk on the phone, text, get in group chats, make corrections, send sound bytes, make posts to ask questions… everything you need to practice.

Meetup - Hindi Language

free, Social Platform

If you live near a bigger city, chances are there are meetups just for your language. A great way to learn the language and possibly some culture.

If you’re not ready to emerge out into the public Hindi world, and want to keep your head in the books, the great learning-hindi blog has an entire conversational section!