I hope you like romance (joking… not really). Bollywood is the huge movie industry based in Mumbai, India. You’ll notice in most Hindi films, a lot of English is spoken as well. This is because India is the second largest English speaking country, it’s one of the official languages. This makes it great for learning because you can often hear dialogue between characters in both English and Hindi, making it a lot easier to mentally understand.

If you’re the type of person who has only watched say, American film, or only one type of film, this may really open up your perspective of the world!

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, Streaming Service

It’s always nice when Netflix is a resource. They definitely don’t have all the Bollywood movies, but definitely a good selection. If you have an account, use it!

A good list to get you started on finding the best movies. I’d recommend cross checking them on IMDB to make sure they are of your interest!