As you can assume, there’s a bunch of different forms of reading. You can read children’s books, text conversations, indian news sources, MEMES. Honestly if you’re a heavy internet user, you can set yourself up pretty well so you have Hindi popping up everywhere. Even if you don’t know the translations of every word, seeing Hindi everywhere definitely helps you with the alphabet and grammar.

3 Curated Resources

Walkthrough a book a day, it’s a great way to learn fast when you have images coupled with vocabulary. Some of this books don’t have the best english translated versions, but you can definitely find some good ones.

Gloss Chrome Extension

, Chrome Extension

There’s a few different extensions that do this (you may be able to find a free one). Essentially, every time you browse a webpage, the extension will replace a few words on the page with their Hindi translations. A good way to fuse Hindi into your daily browsing.

List of Top Hindi News Sources

free, New Sources List

It may take a few months before you can read the news, but hey, find an article you like and try to translate it!