Learning a new language is an incredible experience, and a very long-term one. That being said, if you are passionate you are going to learn it a lot faster than [insert language you barely know after a decade of schooling].

The great part about Hindi, is that there is sooo much material to help you learn. They even have an entire movie industry you’ll read about later.

The easiest part of learning is the beginning, because it’s very exciting learning an entire new script. The hardest part is a few months in, when it requires consistency to keep pushing yourself to immerse yourself in the Hindi language.

Usually I never have a resources section for the introduction, but some of these resources (such as translators), you may use throughout the entire syllabus.

2 Curated Resources

Google Translate

free, Translator

Easily translate in either direction between languages. You can write Hindi in a latin script (english letters) and it will translate. For example, namaste to नमस्ते to Hello. This makes it a lot easier than typing on a Hindi keyboard.

Google Input Tools

free, Extension and Windows Tool

This works for Google Chrome and/or Windows. You can use your qwerty keyboard to type latin (english) letters, and then. It’s nice if you plan to do any typing in Hindi. You don’t need to install it until/unless you notice that you need it.