This is an incredibly versatile language. It can take a static HTML & CSS Webpage and bring it to life. It’s used to make animations, parallaxes, music players, progress bars, popups, web games, and a lot more. You’ll read later that it can also be used as a backend for a website. So if you do learn it, it’s a worthy investment.

Javascript is incredibly different than the last two languages you learned. HTML and CSS are the backbone of the internet, but it’s been heavily debated whether they’re real programming languages. The reason it’s argued is because they’re used for markup and design – and don’t necessarily follow the Computer Science logic that all other languages follow. They can’t really automate anything or be that dynamic. That’s not to take away from their extreme importance.

Javascript will be your first introduction to programming logic. You’ll learn topics like loops, conditional statements, variables. Don’t worry if you don’t know what these are now, that’s what the resources button are for.

7 Curated Resources


free, Interactive Course

This is more of a guide that covers all of the important basics that are essential to understand before moving forward. It’s very simple and easy to use – and not too long either.

There’s so many fancy, well advertised, JS Frameworks out there (jQuery being one of them), that it makes a lot of people want to skip learning Vanilla Javascript. As this article states, not a good idea.

Javascript Tutorial For Beginners

free, YouTube Playlist

This guy is a great speaker and starts right with the bare fundamentals of Javascript and then later into jQuery. You also learn to mess around in Chrome’s inspector a little!

Learn jQuery from Scratch

free, Video/Text Course

Over 30 lessons on learning jQuery over at the highly-reputable CSS-Tricks. It’s a nice course because it’s both video and text-based. It runs very parallel with HTML & CSS (often interacting with elements on your webpage). Definitely a good place to start.

Codecademy - Javascript

free, Interactive Course

Start learning the fundamentals at Codecademy. If you know absolutely nothing about programming fundaments (they’re not a part of HTML or CSS), then this is one of the places you want to start.

I looked through a lot of video tutorials for Javascript – the problem is, more than half of them bored me to death and did seemed pretty loq quality. There’s nothing exciting about coding in Notepad on a Windows 7 PC from 2006. Sometimes paying for content (not all the time) can really make a difference. This is a paid subscription website, but it’s highly reputable and you’ll have access to tons of courses in Computer Science. Even if you only subscribe for a month, you can learn a ton.

Build 30 things in 30 days with vanilla Javascript! This is a beginners course, but not a fundamentals 101. So if you don’t know the programming fundamentals (functions, loops, conditionals, etc), I’d recommend starting with one of the other resources like Codecademy.