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After listening to Naval’s Periscope chat we thought it was too good to be forgotten. For those who prefer to watch the original recording, you can find it here on Periscope. It’s extremely insightful, and Naval’s voice makes it very relaxing to listen to.

We’ve taken all the questions asked (A LOT), and clustered them into the sections: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, Mindfulness, Tech, Life, Health & Exercise, and Miscellaneous. Each of the sections will have the resources mentioned by Naval at the bottom.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

3Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Let’s talk about Bitcoin

Bitcoin, yes everybody wants to talk about bitcoins. it’s all about money, everybody wants to make money.

I’ve actually been putting together a tweet storm on how to make money and I haven’t gotten very far in it. Well, I actually wrote the outlines of my tweet storm on how to make money because I thought it would be doing the world a service but I know a lot of people will pick at it will attack it so it’s been it’s been a difficult one to write.



What is the end-goal for me?

There is no end goal. These meaning of life questions are nonsense questions. Any end goal will just lead to… another goal. We just play games at life. You grow up, you’re playing the school game, then you’re playing the social game, then you’re playing the money game, then you’re playing the status game and these games just sort of have longer and longer and longer-lived horizons but at some point, I believe that these are all just games. They’re games where the outcome really stops mattering once you kind of see through a game.

Perfecting your desires

One of the things I’ve learned relatively recently in life is that it’s way more important to perfect your desires, if you want to do something, then it is to try to do that thing when your desire is not a hundred percent.




You know Telegram is a really a tough one. I do not have the technical capability to vet it. I would just say that it seems incredibly ambitious, it’s really high priced and I’ve never loved telegram the product because even though they talk about encryption their crypto code is closed source.

It’s not open source which is really how crypto code should be. Especially when people’s lives are depending on it. And their group chats are unencrypted, at least on their server side, so I’m not a big fan of that one.



If you can’t get rich by renting out your time, is there really any other way to get rich?

Yeah if I had to summarize how to make money, at least from what I’ve learned in life, you basically get rewarded by society for giving it what it wants and it doesn’t know how to get elsewhere.

A lot of people think you can go to school and you can study for how to make money but the reality is there’s no skill called business what you’re actually trying to figure out is what product or service does society want but does not yet know how to get. You
want to become the person who delivers that and delivers it at scale so that’s really the challenge of how to make money.

Health and Exercise

2Health and Exercise

What is your diet?

It’s Faileo. It’s kind of like paleo except I fail most of the time and I let myself fail.


I’m pretty bad at sit down on my butt and close my eyes meditation. I’m also pretty bad at yoga I’m trying to get better at both but I do like to be very meditative and what that means is when I’m alone by myself or I’m walking in nature then I’m generally going to try and be very present and watch my thoughts.

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